“Wilhelm Kaisen”: One last time: fit for 24 hours stand-by operational service

Where the human performance has to stand out of the ordinary and where people risk their own lives under toughest conditions to the benefit of others every day, the optimal operational readiness of a fleet of vessels has to be ensured. The GMRS has got a fleet of more than 60 ships and boats operating in the German North and Baltic Sea. All of their vessels are in service 24 hours a day.

Built by Schweers Shipyard in Bardenfleth, “Wilhelm Kaisen” was stationed initially in the North Sea with its berth at Helgoland. Since 2003, the rescue vessel “Wilhelm Kaisen” is responsible for the safety at sea off the shore of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Nowadays the vessel is stationed in Sassnitz on the Isle of Rügen.

With a length of more than 44 m, the “Wilhelm Kaisen” is one of the largest vessels of the fleet. And built in 1978, it is furthermore one of the oldest still in use. After a successful service at TAMSEN MARITIM, the rescue vessel recently left the shipyard in order to resume service in Sassnitz, before the ship will retire from service in near future