Remotorization of two vessels of the customs authority

A major order for TAMSEN MARITIM is being carried out in the workshops at the shipyard in Rostock since the beginning of the year. As part of a treasury department package for stimulating the economy, the old diesel propulsion engines of the boats “Hohwacht” and “Priwall” are being replaced by three new environmentally friendly MTU engines.

The two customs cruisers , with a length over 28m, are solid aluminum boats, which were built 20 years ago on the river Weser in Berne. The vessels are deployed in the western Baltic by the main customs office in Kiel. Beside the exercise of customs and tax duties, these customs vessels are also fulfilling tasks of the marine and federal police as well as of the environmental authorities.

With this conversion project, TAMSEN MARITIM is once again demonstrating their system capabilities.