TAMSEN MARITIM selected to build Mega-Trimaran Ultraluxum CXL

The experienced Teams from Bluewater Yachting and Ultraluxum announced TAMSEN MARITIM as builder for their new Mega-Trimaran Project Ultraluxum CXL.

We are delighted to present to you this state of the art fast sailing trimaran.  Equipped with folding hull beams, the overall width ranges from 11m in harbour configuration to 23m in sailing configuration.

The CXL is a three deck sloop rigged trimaran, whose design exceeds present super-yacht standards.  Equipped with all the amenities of a motor yacht, but with the performance and sensation of a fast sailing yacht, she is capable of exceptional speeds under power as well as high speed long range cruising.

The CXL with a length of 48.00m, a deployed beam of 23.10m and a mast measuring 55m in height, is an outstanding yacht in every respect and one of the most refined and beautifully appointed sailing vessels.